a new life

have you ever thought about what life would be like if you were someone else? have you ever seen anyone who looked different because they changed their lifestyle?  I have seen a website or 2 and noticed that there are some people in this world who have decided to change their life at an early age and become some else than who they origionally were.  Even though I have been to some of those sites, it seems that more and more people have decided to make the change but out of the percentage it seems that there are just as many who do not change.  I do not know who all would accept such change but some do and some don’t.  Therefore it would be interesting  to know the percentage of people who have changed verses staying as they are.  It would be interesting to know what people think about this.


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the future of music

have you ever wondered or thought about making music and seeing whether or not you could become someone in the spotlight?  have you thought about making it your lifes work and live your dream?  I have thought about that but what to do or what to make?  I have heard various pieces of music and thought that it would be nice to be like them.  I am not that good with notes. I have a tape recorder but no tapes here or microphone.  But what would I record? a book or some sort of music?  I have thought about Josephs coat of many colors and have crossed a chours line but I found that it is not easy to come up with the verses.  on the other hand, do you really need to know musical notes in order to record?  maybe for keyboard use you do but otherwise you can just record your voice and let someone else handle the rest.  Just watch out for what it may cost and what you can afford unless you have a friend or someone who is willing to help.  I am not sure what all kind of music to do but maybe there would be some suggestions out there and some help in creating some songs.


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Hello world!

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